IonSwitch CPU Resource Policy


A - November 5, 2017


IonSwitch's shared KVM VPS512, VPS1, VPS2, VPS4, VPS8, VPS16 and NMVE equivelent products are all shared CPU products.  These products are configured will full access to the number of CPU cores allocated at purchase time to `burst` to a full processor core.  IonSwitch reserves the right to actively limit systems which are continuously bursting to their full core allocation.


IonSwitch monitors the VPS products named in the summary of this policy for their CPU usage on a one-minute interval.  These values are reviewed by an automated process, and may result in progmatic throttling of resources based on the product and CPU usage.  The effective throttling will be to the allocated product expected resource usage.

If any product exceeds its dedicated cores resource for more than an hour, it will be throttled to its expected resource usage limit for up to 6 hours.

Expected Resource Usage

Product Expected Resource Usage
VPS512 1/8 (12.5%)
VPS1 1/4 (25%)
VPS2 1/2 (50%)
VPS4 1 (100%)
VPS8 2 (200%)
VPS16 4 (400%)
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