RBL Listment Policy

IonSwitch Realtime Blacklist (RBL) Listment Policy


A - December 12, 2017


Realtime Blacklists (RBL)'s are used to classify hosts that are operating in a potentlally non-healthy way.  These lists contain hosts that are sending emails potentially classified as spam, acting as TOR exit nodes, or otherwise generating traffic that is deemed abusive to one or more external parties.  IonSwitch reviews many common external RBL's and requires that customers do not become listed on internet RBL lists.  IonSwitch may, at its discretion, charge a $50 bond per RBL listing.  This bond will be refunded once an operator removes their host from an RBL listing minus administrative fees billed at $50/hour.  If the bond is unpaid within 12 hours, IonSwitch reserves the right to restrict host network access until the RBL entry is removed, or the bond is presented to IonSwitch.  


IonSwitch, LLC reserves the right to update, ammend, modify or change this policy at any time for any reason.
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